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Free advice from experts qualified in all aspects of Tribunal law is now just a phone call away. Employersguide works on behalf of companies throughout the UK who wish to avoid or are facing an Employment Tribunal. Whether you need professional advice right away, or you want to protect your business from potentially damaging tribunal costs in the future, our friendly advisors are waiting to take your call.

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With Employersguide on your side, you greatly increase your chance of preventing a Tribunal ever occurring. Our advice is based on the ACAS Code Of Practice and can reduce the chance of conflicts escalating into Tribunals. If things do get as far as Tribunal, it’s good to know we have over 30 years’ experience and a 95% success rate in all previous cases…so you really couldn’t be in better hands.

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Whatever your tribunal query is, whether it’s about unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, grievance or disciplinary, the experts at Employersguide are ready to take your call.  Our broad ranging experience means there aren’t many types of tribunal we haven’t already dealt with. Which is why so many businesses turn to us for fast free advice that gets fast, effective and cost-saving results. So what are you waiting for? The Tribunal help you’re seeking is just a call away…

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