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 Free advice from experts qualified in all aspects of HR is now just a call away. Employersguide works on behalf of companies throughout the UK who need professional guidance to provide an effective and fully compliant HR service. With fast and accurate answers on everything from employment contracts to dealing with grievance complaints and complex TUPE legislation, our friendly HR advisors are waiting to take your call.

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Thanks to our 24 hour advice line, fast, efficient and accurate HR advice is available anytime day or night. Whether you’re an SME or large corporate organisation, you can count on our qualified specialists for HR advice that enables you to deal with any staff issue. And because you only use the service when needed, it comes at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent full time member of staff.

Call now for HR support that’s always up to date and compliant

With ever changing employment law, HR advice is only as good as it is current. This ensures the help you receive is always present and correct.  And with Employersguide taking care of HR issues, you’re free to concentrate on the important job of running your business. So if you have any query whatsoever, make sure you call Employersguide for free HR advice first.

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