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Free advice from experts in all aspects of employment contracts is now just a call away. Employersguide works on behalf of companies throughout the UK who need to ensure contracts are legally compliant and are tailored to the role in question – whether that’s an apprentice or managing director. With fast accurate answers in response to any contract related query, our friendly team of advisors are waiting to take your call.

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At Employersguide, we specialise in helping companies across all sectors draft contracts that put in place the foundations of good working practice. By including contract terms, collective agreements and written statements of employment particulars, we ensure that both parties understand what’s expected of them. Besides clarifying roles and enabling a more productive working environment, professionally drafted contracts reduce the chances of misunderstanding and the risk of employment tribunal further down the line.

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Whether you’re unsure about what to put into your contracts or you just need a handy template to guide you, our team of specialists are here to help. Remember, any employee who has worked one month or more for your company has a legal right to a written statement of particulars of employment. And as most tribunals come about due to contractual disagreement, it makes sense to get those contracts right. You can do that simply by calling Employersguide right now.

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